Sigma Pad no backlight Signotec

The signotec Sigma without backlight is the best choice when it comes to well-lit areas and the cheapest option is preferred. Pad with special, resilient pen tip, 1.024 pressure levels, 500 Hz sampling rate. Highest security through unique security features and RSA encryption. Individual design possibilities with colors and logos.
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Digital Signatures
Dimension pad10 x 160 x 120 mm
Display size pad4“
Sensor pad1.024 pressure stage
Ports/ Communication padUSB
Expected lifetime pad1 Mill signatures
Protection IP padIP52
Additional features of padOS: Windows XP (SP3) and later, Windows Server 2003 and later, Windows Terminal server support, Linux; 32 and 64 Bit. Operating temperature - 10° C to + 60° C .Storage temperature - 25° C to + 70° C. Weight 200 grams