Retractable ID Badge Reels with Belt clip

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Retractable ID badge reels are an essential item in any office or workplace. By using badge reels, staff can quickly display their ID badges and use them to gain entry to the building. The retractable cord, is making it easy for the user to access or display their photo ID card as and when it's required. With a 60,96cm cord length and reinforced strap clip attachment, the reel can be safely fastened to clothing and lanyards. A stylish twist on our standard plastic reels with its translucent colors: Blue and Black. The translucent colors are a nice accent, but also work well for quick security level identification.


Ideal for:

Everyday uses and great for holding your important ID cards, school ID, office ID, Key cards, Keys, and more


Round translucent plastic shaped


Red, Blue, Green and Black


3.18 cm diameter

Cord type:

Nylon cord

Cord length:

60,96 cm

Backing clip type:

Belt clip

Strap type:

Clear vinyl strap

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