PriSmart Smart Retail System

Active smart platform to monitor the operation of the electronic labels inside the store. PriSmart allows the management of the wireless network, the antennas 'access points' and the electronic labels while sends and receives information in an interactive environment. Displays the status of the electronic labels, the power, possible errors etc. It is the main system that monitors and updates the label while maintains the files of the products and prices. Connects to the company's ERP. The system consists of access points that update wireless the electronic labels and instantly sends all changes of prices and products. With e-paper technology, long battery life and a wide range of sizes, colors and features, ESL it is the ultimate management system for labels and prices.
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Integrated Solutions
Solution DescriptionMonitoring of the entire end-to-end system - esl - Access Points as well as the status of the electronic labels such as power, possible errors, etc.
SpecificationsLabel management, storage of lists of products and prices. Electronic labels immediate update, amendments in prices and products. Connects to ERP.
Equipmentels electronic tags, access points, platform