Electronic Label Stellar-XM 2.6''

E-ink display in its best-selling format. Label with compact and functional design. Perfect in every type of department. Color or Monochrome display. Full graphic for unlimited product promotions.
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Electronic Labels
Size ELS84x41x13.1
Weight ELS43 g
Display size ELS2.6''
Resolution ELS296 x 152 pixels
Technology ELSNFC NDEF data format with 200 bytes writable memory.
Battery ELS1 x 550mAh
Operating Temperature ELS0-30 ‎°C
Protection IP ELSIP54
Additional features ELS5 years ( 4 updates per day)
Additional features ELSFrequency 2402MHz - 2480MHz. Distance communication up to 10m. System thoughput 18.000 labels per hour.