Electronic Label Stellar-L 2.9''

The Stellar ESL Series is the most classic and sought-after ESL. It is highly reliable and adaptable to fit in verstile retail scenarios, with multifarious clips and stands to fit in different shelves and surfaces. Freedom of layout and perfect visibility. Perfect for texts and graphics visualization with high-definition display.
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Electronic Labels
Size ELS91x41x13.1
Weight ELS47 g
Display size ELS2.9''
Resolution ELS296 x 128 pixels
Technology ELSNFC NDEF data format with 200 bytes writable memory.
Battery ELS1 x 550mAh
Operating Temperature ELS0-30 ‎°C
Protection IP ELSIP54
Additional features ELS5 years ( 4 updates per day)
Additional features ELSFrequency 2402MHz - 2480MHz. Distance communication up to 10m. System thoughput 18.000 labels per hour.