Datalogic QuickScan QD2131 Scanner 1D MULTI I/F USB

Ideally suited for applications at the point-of-sale (POS), the QuickScan QD2131 imager can also read loyalty cards and codes from a mobile phone screen, which a laser scanner is not capable of doing. This is very useful to meet the needs of emerging mobile marketing applications. Long linear bar codes are commonly used in a variety of applications including Utility bills, Document Processing and Packaging. The QuickScan QD2131 imager features an extra-wide field of view and an extra-long scan line which allows users to read longer bar codes from a closer distance. This extended reading range exceeds the requirements of most general purpose scanning applications. The enhanced decoding algorithm enables the QD2131 imager to capture and decode bar codes more quickly. Elegant design details are incorporated into a smaller, lightweight enclosure without sacrificing durability. The QD2131 imager also supports the Remote Management functions using the Host Download application.
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Reading mode1D
Scanning range/ Βάθος πεδίουMinimum distance determined by symbol length and scan angle. Printing resolution, contrast, and ambient light dependent. Code 39: 4 mils: 4.5 to 18.0 cm / 1.7 to 7.1 in Code 39: 5 mils: 2.0 to 18.0 cm / 0.8 to 7.1 in Code 39: 7.5 mils: 2.0 to 30.0 cm / 0.8 to 11.8 in Code 39: 10 mils: 2.0 to 44.0 cm / 0.8 to 17.3 in EAN: 13 mils: 2.0 to 58.0 cm / 0.8 to 22.8 in Code 39: 20 mils: up to 75.0 cm / up to 29.2 in
Scanning range/ Width of FieldPitch: +/- 65°; Roll (Tilt): 45°; Skew (Yaw): +/-70°
Resolution0.102 mm / 4 mils (Linear Codes)
InterfacesKeyboard Wedge / OEM (IBM) USB / RS-232 / USB
Dimensions16.3 x 9.1 x 4.1 cm / 6.4 x 3.6 x 1.6 in
Ambient light0 - 120,000lux
Symbologies1D / Linear Codes Auto discriminates all standard 1D codes including GS1. DataBar™ linear codes.
Additional featuresOperating Temperature 0° to 50° C (32° to 122° F) Storage Temperature -40° to 70 °C (-40° to 158° F) Humidity Operating: 5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing. Drop Specifications Scanner withstands repeated drops from 1.5 meters (5.0 feet) to concrete. Current electricity 140 mA @ 5 VDC; Standby/Idle (Typical): 50 mA @ 5 VDC. Environmental Compliance Complies to China RoHS; Complies to EU RoHS. 5-Year Factory Warranty.